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How to Track a Landing Page with no CTA

For example: https://try.footustoday.com/review

Has the Anytrack Code and API integration, but it doesnt have any Action besdies a link click that goes to another website or a sales page we track: https://footustoday.com/

How do we make sure the Hash moves cross domain when the following https://dashboard.anytrack.io/affiliate-network/clickfunnels-footusblog is unable to be verified as it does not have the E-Comm events only a LINK/Button Click

I am not able to Track Anything, thats the problem.

We are sending them to a CF landing page such as https://try.footustoday.com/review

And then from there sending them to either shopify or a different Sales LP and clickfunnels.

And as you can see: https://app.screencast.com/oILtjse7tH6NE

The 2 Landing pages that are only "link" gateways do not track any actions.

what should we do?