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Anytrack not assigning to PMAX campaign

Hello everyone,

I set up anytrack and it works fine for the normal shopping campaigns - it show the visitors, etc.

However, it does not correctly attribute the results, visitors etc. for the PMAX campaigns.

I checked in the Conversion report and the URL which the users use looks like this:


So this is perfectly aligned with the anytrack documentation. I also checked the campaign ID, its correct - it matches with the one in google (in the url on the top) for the campaigns.

However, anytrack does not correctly display the campaign, but instead something like this:

20779263571 / cpc / google

So it is visible that it has all parameters, but it does not correctly show the number of visitors and attributes only parts of the conversions to the PMAX campaigns.

Can anyone help mit with this? Would be so greatful :-)