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2 different URL UTM tempaltes for Ads?

Hello I got 2 different UTM templates from your suggestion. 1. Saw on the **Google Ads** integration {lpurl}?utm_source=google&utm_medium={ifsearch:cpc}{ifcontent:display}&utm_id={campaignid}&utm_content={adgroupid}&utm_term={keyword}&creativeId={creative}&adgroupid={adgroupid}&targetid={targetid} 2. Saw on **GA4** integration {lpurl}?utm_source=google&utm_medium={ifsearch:cpc}{ifcontent:display}&utm_id={campaignid}&utm_content={adgroupid}&utm_term={keyword}&creativeId={creative}&gclid={gclid} Only the last parameter is different. Would it be good to combine them into 1? Thank you.

Cyber Monday

At the time of me writing this there's an hour left on the CM deal. I was wondering if I could pay for a year right now and get a deal. I need to write some stuff off anyway. Thanks in advance.

Connection: AnyTrack -> Cake/EverFlow, Pass CVR Data to Voluum

I'd like to setup this scenario Conversion happens in Cake, fires the AnyTrack Postback, and then in AnyTrack I place the Voluum postback to fire the conversion data from AnyTrack back to Voluum. How do I go about setting the voluum postback up in AnyTrack? Custom Pixel?

Unable to receive the Affiliate back office message

Hello, I cooperate with DFO affiliate alliance, I chose everflow integration, but I could not receive the reply from the alliance, what should I do?

Website domain

I can not introduce my website domain. Error message.

Select ONLY "Order Form".

Why should I select only Order form in clickbank? if my goal for the pixel and the sale

CAnnot relized my Facebook Campaigns on Campaign Report in Anytrack.

CAnnot relized my Facebook Campaigns on Campaign Report in Anytrack. On Anytrack it showing Campaign ID rather than My Custom name on facebook Campaign.

Data On Conversions Report Differs From The Same Exported Data

I am looking at the Conversions Report on your website with filters, Purchase and Upsell with a date range and comparing it to the exported spreadsheet from that same date range and filter, which should have the same information, but it doesn't. My adset names differ in at least one instance and not sure if there is any other information that is different when exporting. How am I to know which has the correct information? Date Range: Oct 24, 2023 - Nov 22, 2023 Specific filters: Purchase and Upsell On the Conversions Report, look at the Purchase on November 13, 2023 in the amount of 100.04. The adset name is 1113_US_W_30+\_LBJ2_AS1 Export that page, and in the spreadsheet for that same transaction, The adset name is 1113_US_W_30+\_LBJ2_AS3 Please tell me how this could be? And how do I know which information is correct? And if there is a better way of figuring out where my sale came from, please let me know. Thank you for your time!

Anytrack not tracking for Shopfy sales pages apps - gem pages + replo

I'm currently running campaigns testing out multiple landing pages on Facebook, I see sales on Facebook end with attributed results and 0 conversions on any track side. My landing pages are on Replo + Gempages. When i test out the landing pages and click on them, I see that there is no atID added to the end of site. How do i fix this? I tried putting in the anytrack head code into the apps head section but nothing changes.

Sale Not Tracked on GHL?

I'm using GHL for a sales funnel I'm running. I currently have the funnel set to do a 14-day trial, then the customer gets charged for a purchase. Yesterday, I got my first one, but AnyTrack did not track it. I was wondering if it's maybe because it's a 14-Day trial? I believe I've ticked all the boxes in setup. Please let me know.