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Setting up conversions to show actual sales on CB, not landing page clickthroughs..

Hi, I am trying to succeed with affiliate marketing. I have chosen a health niche product from Clickbank and I'm running YouTube video ads through/using Google Ads. The 2 minute YouTube video leads to a landing page that has a Watch Now button to click through that takes the viewer to a long form (40+ minutes) Video Sale Page where they can purchase the product if they want to. I have ran a couple campaigns now and the conversions are not set up properly. I am new to this so it's really confusing. I am running a broad targeting campaign that has conversions (actual sales) as the target. I have talked to Google and they said that my conversion tracking is installed correct on the landing page. I am testing scripts now and when I do it is showing lots of conversions but in Clickbank there are no sales. So I am seeing conversions recorded when people click on the landing page button, not an actual sale. Google says I need to install the conversion tracking onto the final sales page but I obviously cant do that since I'm just an affiliate and I don't have access to add any codes to the sales page itself. So my question is.. how can I confirm that I have set up all the codes on Anytrack and Google correctly so I am seeing the actual sales register as conversions, instead of conversions showing up when someone clicks through the landing page? I really need these working right before I run ads again as I've blown through a ton of cash already and can't afford to run anymore without the tracking set up 100% Do you need any more info or screenshots to help clarify what I am talking about? TIA