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Clickfunnels // Leadshook Funnel

Hi - I am working on a funnel with the following flow: Facebook ad > Email Optin Form (free) > VSL Page (with timed button) > Button Links to a quiz on Leadshook > User completes quiz and is redirected to an Unbounce page to book an appointment. - Email optin form and VSL page are hosted on secure.domainA.com - Leadshook quiz is hosted on their platform - domain.leadshook.com - Appointment booking page is hosted on offer.domainA.com It seems AnyTrack is tracking everything correctly up until the quiz completion and/or the Unbounce page. The initial email optin form is being correctly tracked as a lead in AnyTrack via the clickfunnels integration. The button on the VSL page is being tagged with the 'atclid' parameter. The atclid parameter is being passed to the Leadshook starting page correctly (I can see it in the URL). - Possible issue: the outbound click event that is fired when the user STARTS the quiz looks to be a different click_id than the atclid that gets generated on the VSL button click The atclid parameter is correctly being captured in a Leadshook form field (I can see it on the leads' profile) The Leadshook postback that fires when the user completes the quiz contains the correct 'atclid' parameter When the user is redirected to the Unbounce page to book an appointment, the 'atclid' parameter is being stored in a hidden form field labeled {click_id}. I am not exactly sure where the problem is and if I should be using atclid vs. click_id as the funnel contains 2 subdomains of DOMAIN A as well as the Leadshook domain. Thanks.