Why can't I see any conversions in AnyTrack?

AnyTrack automatically tracks engagement and conversion events on your site by installing the AnyTrack tracking script on your website.

AnyTrack automatically tracks engagement and conversion events on your site by installing the AnyTrack tracking script on your website and integrating one of our supported integrations. Once the integration is installed, AnyTrack will start collecting conversions for your website, and you will be able to pass it to your ad accounts.

Scenario A: You installed an integration but still can't see conversions.

If you found and installed an integration that matched your website technology, AnyTrack should start collecting conversions for you. However, it may take a day or two until all the conversions will start being recorded, and you can check for any errors and events we receive in the integration "Events Log" (LINK HERE).

Usually, errors like "Missing click ID" will appear in the first few hours or days as you are still receiving conversion events that weren't fully tracked in the AnyTrack tracking script. After some time, all payloads should have a click ID, and you shouldn't see those errors again.

If you still receive errors on the integration events log, please verify that you installed AnyTrack TAG on all your website pages. You can verify your setup via the Auto Scan under your property settings. (LINK HERE)

Scenario B: You can't find any integration relevant to your website.

If you can't find any integration for your website, AnyTrack will not track any conversion or engagement event automatically for you. However, you can still integrate with AnyTrack manually via Google Tag Manager (GTM), using our tracking script, or via postback URLs and have all the benefits of using AnyTrack.

Integrate via the Tracking Script

The easiest way to integrate with AnyTrack is using the tracking script of AnyTrack. It will allow you to trigger conversion events via code snippets, and it's very easy to set up. Please check out the following tutorials for more guidance:

Trigger conversions events via the tracking script (LINKS)
Generate click id for offer links (LINKS)
Collect advance matching parameters from your users(LINKS)
Trigger conversions on a specific "Thank You" page(LINKS)
Trigger conversion event after a user visited your page for 10 seconds(LINKS)
Trigger conversions only when specific element visible on scroll(LINKS)
Integrate via the Auto Scan(LINKS)

If you want to track specific elements on your website, you can also use our AutoScan without making any changes to your website code:

Use the Auto-Scan to auto-track elements on your website (LINKS)
Integrate via Custom Integration

If you need to integrate with a third-party service that triggers conversion events using a postback URL, you can always create a custom integration in AnyTrack and generate a custom postback URL for your needs:

How to create a custom postback URL
How to send a click ID from a form submit
How to collect a click ID from a Page view
How to add a click ID to an offer link
How to generate a click ID within a JavaScript code
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