Learn how Anytrack deduplication process runs and how to leverage it to improve accurate attribution data in your ad platforms.

AnyTrack has integrated a sophisticated system that automatically deduplicates conversions when they are received. This system ensures the accuracy of the conversion data before sending them to the ad platforms' conversion API.

Moreover, depending on the ad network, when AnyTrack sends both client-side and server-side conversions, the data includes the necessary deduplication parameters. This feature is essential to maintain data integrity and avoid potential discrepancies.

To achieve this level of precision, AnyTrack customers must eliminate any event tracking snippets from their site. Leaving these snippets can cause data duplication, affecting the performance of your campaigns.


Automatic deduplication:

AnyTrack’s conversion deduplication system is automatic. It’s crucial to understand that manipulating the system can lead to data inconsistency.

Shopify Deduplication Example

For Shopify users, AnyTrack tracks "Add to Cart" events using both client-side and server-side tracking methods before sending the data to the Facebook Conversion API.

However, if you forget to disconnect your Facebook Pixel / Conversion API from the direct Shopify integration, you may inflate your ad account with duplicate data. See the Shopify integration checklist



Remember to disconnect your Facebook Pixel / Conversion API from direct Shopify integration when using AnyTrack to avoid the risk of inflating your ad account with duplicate data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Why should I remove event tracking snippets from my shop?

Event tracking snippets can cause duplication of data in ad platforms because they may track conversions separately from AnyTrack. This can lead to data inconsistency, which can negatively impact your ad performance.

Q2: What happens if I forget to remove the tracking snippets?

If you forget to remove the tracking snippets, it might result in data duplication, which can skew your ad performance analytics and lead to inaccurate reporting.

Q3: How does AnyTrack handle conversion deduplication?

AnyTrack has an integrated system that automatically deduplicates conversions upon receipt. It then sends this deduplicated data to the ad platforms' conversion API to ensure accurate reporting.

Q4: Does AnyTrack send both client-side and server-side conversions?

In most cases yes. Please refer to the specific integration documentation. The data sent includes the necessary deduplication parameters to avoid data duplication.

Q5: Can AnyTrack deduplicate conversions for all ad networks?

AnyTrack's conversion deduplication system is designed to work with various ad networks. The specific parameters may vary depending on the network, but the goal of preventing data duplication is constant.


Ad network deduplication:

Each ad network may require specific deduplication parameters. Ensure that AnyTrack is correctly configured to match the requirements of the ad networks you're using.