[GA4] How to Integrate Google Analytics 4 with AnyTrack

Master linking Google Analytics 4 and AnyTrack via server-side tracking in our concise tutorial. Use our guide for smooth integration and deeper website insights.

In today's digital landscape, understanding your website's performance is crucial for optimizing marketing campaigns and driving growth. Our concise tutorial will guide you through the process of connecting Google Analytics 4 and AnyTrack using server-side tracking. By seamlessly integrating these powerful tools, you'll gain deeper insights into your website's performance and be well-equipped to enhance your campaigns. Let's dive in and unlock your website's full potential!

The AnyTrack GA4 integration offers a robust and seamless connection between AnyTrack and Google Analytics 4, enabling you to harness the power of both platforms for your marketing needs. This integration brings forth several noteworthy features, such as conversion event mapping and granular conversion data, which together elevate your data driven marketing capabilities.

Conversion event mapping allows you to map specific events from AnyTrack directly to GA4, ensuring that the data collected is accurately represented in your analytics. This feature simplifies the process of tracking events and aids in understanding the user journey, leading to more informed marketing decisions.

Granular conversion data, on the other hand, offers a deeper level of insight into your conversions. By breaking down conversion data into more detailed segments, you can better analyze the performance of your campaigns, identify trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement. This ultimately empowers you to optimize your marketing efforts and maximize the return on investment.

In summary, the AnyTrack GA4 integration provides a comprehensive solution that combines the strengths of both platforms, enabling you to efficiently track, analyze, and optimize your marketing campaigns through features like conversion event mapping and granular conversion data.

Step by step guide

  1. Click on Google Analytics 4…

Step 2 screenshot

  1. Click on CONNECT

Step 3 screenshot

  1. Select ​the account you want to connect with

Step 5 screenshot

  1. Now select the property.

Step 6 screenshot

  1. Now select the stream

Step 7 screenshot

  1. Click on NEXT

Step 8 screenshot

  1. Click on CONNECT

Step 9 screenshot

  1. Enable Server-Side Tracking API

Step 11 screenshot

  1. Update the Conversion Event Mapping and click Save.

Step 12 screenshot

That's it, you're now connected with your Google Analytics GA4. Make sure that in GA4 you have created the conversion events that you expect to receive using this mapping.