Refund Policy

Learn about the AnyTrack refund policy for subscription management and account management. Get info on refund eligibility criteria, processing time and more.

This article explains the AnyTrack refund policy that you can find on the terms of use found here.

The AnyTrack platform is provided "as is", and you are free to use it according to the terms set in the platform terms of use.

How do we define the usage of AnyTrack:

In a nutshell, the usage of AnyTrack software starts when you add AnyTrack Tracking Tag to your website.

  1. Once you install the AnyTrack tag or connect with our API, the software starts to process your website's traffic and user data.
  2. You may use AnyTrack according to your business routine and workflows.
  3. AnyTrack tracks, processes, attribute and update your marketing analytics data whether you are logged in the platform or not, whether you run paid campaigns or not.
    1. For example: Your website might get traffic on January 2023, and a Purchase in June 2023, this conversion will be tracked and attributed to the traffic you received in January 2023. This attribution is generated because your data is stored and processed whether you received traffic in June or not.
  4. Your current and past data is constantly being processed, queried, and updated, whether you run or not paid campaigns.
  5. Whether or not you connect your Anytrack account to your ad platforms, AnyTrack will perform its tasks according to what you set it to do.
  6. AutoTrack: The Autotrack feature is enabled by default and allows you to build, segment, and feed your ad platform's pixels with behavioral data. This is one of the key features we provide and from which you benefit as soon as you activate the AnyTrack tag on your website.


AnyTrack is not a "pay as you go" platform:

Your AnyTrack account processes data 24/7. When you're on the dashboard or when you have paid campaigns or when you pause your campaigns.

It runs 24/7 and ingests, processes, and delivers data whether you're logged in the dashboard, busy on Facebook Ads Manager or out in client's meetings.

Accordingly, you agree that no refunds or credits will be provided for partial or unused time of the services, whether you're logged in or not to your AnyTrack account, or if your marketing campaigns failed or succeeded.


When do we agree to refund without questions!

If you started a free trial but did not use the Anytrack software and you were charged at the end of the free trial, you may request a refund for the last charge.

  • Our team will verify your account activity and accordingly will refund the payment.
  • If the account was used (according to the above usage definitions), at our discretion only we will accept or not to refund.

Our discretion is driven by a human approach:

We are a young startup focused on providing services to clients that see the true value of our software. We do not have time, or resources to focus on "non-issues" or unnecessary administrative tasks caused by clients that do not need AnyTrack.

Consequently our decisions are driven according to the following rules:

If we identify any type of abuse, and repeated free trial usage under fake identities, no refund will be issued and we might decide to take legal actions.

If you claim that you have cancelled your subscription, and we realize that you did not cancel or did not contact our support desk to cancel your account, we will not issue a refund.

If you have any concerns regarding our refund policy, please contact.