Microsoft Ads

Learn how to setup your Microsoft Ads account with AnyTrack and leverage server-side tracking to scale your campaigns and increase ROAS.

Integrate AnyTrack with Microsoft Ads to:

  • Track Microsoft Ads in AnyTrack, down to the level of Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords.
  • Leverage ROAS/ROI optimization tools in Microsoft Ads, which require conversion tracking.
  • Build custom audiences in Microsoft Ads based on your granular conversion data.


When a user clicks on your Microsoft Ad, the integration process between AnyTrack and Microsoft Ads begins. This click leads to UTM parameters being appended to your landing page URL, as defined in your tracking template.

Once the user arrives at your website, AnyTrack captures these UTM parameters. This action is part of tracking the user's journey and analyzing the effectiveness of your ad.

If the user completes a conversion action, such as making a purchase or achieving a set Conversion Goal, AnyTrack records this event and sends the conversion information via server-to-server communication to Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft Ads uses this conversion tracking data to optimize campaigns for ROAS/ROI and create custom audiences.

Data flow diagram for the AnyTrack - Microsoft Ads integration

Data flow diagram for the AnyTrack - Microsoft Ads integration


  1. An active Property in AnyTrack with the AnyTrack Tag installed.
  2. A Microsoft Ads account with a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag for conversion tracking.
  3. At least one Microsoft Ads campaign that will be optimized through the integration.


Creating Custom Audiences

Bing Postback URL

Learn how AnyTrack integrates with Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads) and lets you send server-side tracking data from the AnyTrack server directly to the Bing Platform


Good to know:

Retargeting audiences are being filled from all traffic tracked through your property, not only the traffic originating from your Bing campaigns.

bing ads conversion tracking setup flow

Recommended Conversion Event Mapping

🎯 Goal Category

The Bing Goal Category is recommended only. If you prefer to use a different category, feel free to select what best suit your needs.

September 5, 2022 6:24:10 pm - Screenshot

In Bing: Create your custom audiences

Creating a remarketing list is very similar to creating a conversion goal.

  1. Open the Shared Library section > Select Audiences

  2. Create a new remarketing list

  3. Name your remarketing list

  4. Select Custom Events

  5. In Event Action, add the conversion name as it appears in AnyTrack



Note from Microsoft Advertising website

"Not all metrics are in real-time. Clicks and impressions in the last 1 hour, UET conversions in the last 2 hours, and Non-UET conversions (App Install, Offline Conversions) in the last 5 hours might not be included."

  1. Once the integration is completed, remove the Bing UET Tag and event snippets from your website to prevent data duplication.

Webinar: Integrating AnyTrack with Microsoft Ads