[GA4] Migrate to Google Analytics 4

How to Migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4 your GA4 account to AnyTrack.

This article is intended for customers who currently have an AnyTrack - Google Analytics (UA) integration and wish to migrate their current integration to Google Analytics (GA4).

At the end of the migration you should start seeing your conversion data in GA4.



  1. AnyTrack's core feature is to send your conversion data to Google Analytics (UA & GA4)
  2. AnyTrack does not store your Google Analytics Data.
  3. AnyTrack cannot "migrate" your UA data to GA4 servers.
  4. AnyTrack's job is to guarantee that your live conversion data is being sent to GA4 and that you can keep using the same conversion Goals to measure and optimize your marketing campaigns.


AnyTrack & GA4 Integration

Anytrack integration approach is to map as many native metrics, dimensions and data points available in GA4, so you can use them across every Google platforms.

Following the migration, please take a moment to inspect GA4 data and let us know if you think that some of the data is missing or could be mapped differently.


Before you begin!

  • Make sure you have an active GA4 property.
  • You have Admin access to the GA4 property.
  • Your GA4 Tracking Tag is set on your website with Google Tag Manager or the standard GTAG.

Comparison: Universal Analytics vs GA4



  • ✅ = Automatic Setup via API
  • 🔴 = Requires Manual update in GA4
  • 🚫 = Feature Not available
  • ⚙️ = Requires manual setup in Universal Analytics
Integration FeaturesDetailsUniversal AnalyticsGoogle Analytics 4
Event TrackingEvents are automatically sent by AnyTrack and ingested by Google Analytics.
Conversion GoalsYou must mark the Events as Conversions in the GA4 Admin.🔴
Event MappingAnyTrack events are automatically mapped to GA4 events.
Tag ManagementAnyTrack loads gtag.js and sets the tag configurations.
User IDAnyTrack automatically set a user_id in GA4.⚙️
Enhanced eCommerceGA4 is preconfigured for eCommerce.⚙️
Event PropertiesGA4's built-in dataset is mapped by AnyTrack.⚙️
Enhanced ConversionsGA4 / gtag.js can received enhanced conversions.🚫
Custom ParametersGA4 accepts custom parameters create custom dimensions.parameters🚫
DebuggingCan be activated from the AnyTrack dashboard.🚫

Migration tools

Google provides an extensive set of tools to migrate your Universal Analytics to your GA4 property. You must follow Google instructions in order to guarantee a friction-free migration.

Google recommended migration tasks:


Good to remember

Most migration tasks are unrelated to the AnyTrack GA4 integration as they address standard data collection, settings and other configurations that let you use GA4. Read more here.

  • The 🎉 Tasks relate to AnyTrack setup.
  • Google Ads: If you use GA4 data in Google Ads all tasks are required and done in Google.
Migration TasksRequiredIn GA4 AdminAnyTrack
Create a GA4 PropertyYes
Data CollectionYes🎉 Automatic
Import UA Conversion GoalsNo
Google SignalsRecommendedEnable the option
Event TrackingAutomatic Event detection & Mapping-🎉 AutoTrack GA4
Define AudiencesRecommended to bid on custom audiences.-
Mark Events as ConversionsSelect and mark events sent by AnyTrack as Conversions.-
Manage users-
Link Google Ads-
Bid on GA4 Conversions in Google Ads-
Bid on GA4 Audiences in Google Ads-
Import DataRequired If you want to import data from UA to GA4.-
Link to BigQueryRequired if you want to build custom datasets or blend datasets in BigQuery.-
Set up User IDPass user_id to GA4.-🎉 Automatic Setup
Use the Measurement ProtocolAPI used to send Server-Side events to GA4.-🎉 Automatic Setup

Once you've gone through all required steps, please follow these instructions

Step #1: In AnyTrack

  1. Navigate to the Tracking Pixel panel and click on the GA4 Card.
  2. Click on the Connect Button to start authenticating with Google Analytics.
  3. Select the Google Analytics Account, Property and Stream.
  4. Enable the Conversion API.
  5. Update the Event Mapping if needed. (you will want to use the same mapping that you currently have in your UA integration).
  6. Scroll down and Save

Step #2: In Google Analytics

Once the events start flowing between AnyTrack and GA4 follow these steps to mark events as Conversions.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Events.
  2. Mark the Events you want to track as Conversions.


Predefined conversion

The Purchase event is set by default as a Conversion. Therefore, if you are currently tracking purchases in AnyTrack they will show up in your GA4 account.

  1. Link your Google Ads Account.


Good to know

It might take a few hours until conversions show up in the GA4.

Step #3: Validate the integration

To validate your integration, you can use the GA4 Debugger feature which enables you to inspect live event data received by GA4.

Please follow these steps to validate your integration:

  1. Install the Google Analytics Extension.
  2. Open the AnyTrack GA4 integration page and "enable" the Debugger mode.
  3. In GA4, navigate to GA4 Admin > Debugger screen.
  4. Open a new browser window, visit your website and turn on the Google Analytics Extension.
  5. Visit your website and trigger some events.

Watch the GA4 - Anytrack Integration validation.

Step #4: In Google Ads

Once your conversions show up in GA4, you can open your Google Ads account and import your GA4 conversions.


Good to know

Google provides an extensive guide to connect your GA4 account into Google Ads.

  • Import Conversions
  • Configure Conversions
  • Enable Auto-Tag (it should be enabled by default)
  • Add the recommended UTM Tracking Template
  1. Navigate to the Conversion settings
  2. Create a Conversion.
  3. Select Import from GA4.
  4. Select the Conversions you want to import.
  5. Import the Conversions.
  6. Now edit each Conversion according to your business needs.


Conversion delays

The first conversions will show up after a few hours.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

  • When trying to import conversions into Google Ads I don't see the conversions in the list.

    • You might have to wait a few minutes before the conversions show up in Google Ads. Grab a ☕️ and come back.
    • Verify in GA4 that the events are marked as conversions.
  • The Conversion Event Names are different than in Universal Analytics.

    Go to the Event Mapping of UA and copy the mapping to GA4 event mapping screen.
  • I cannot use the same Conversion Goals in Google Ads, why?

    This has to do with the GA4 configuration.
  • Can I send Order refunds to GA4?

    Not currently. You have to do it by uploading a CSV to GA4.