Event Attributes

Discover how to customize conversion attributes in AnyTrack to track conversions more accurately and improve ROAS.

Tracking conversions is important, but so are the associated attributes and properties sent with the conversion.

For example, if you feed Facebook Conversion API with the product name that was purchased, you'll be able to create a custom audience based on the product name, which will allow you to retarget this audience with a related product, or product category.


Case sensitive

All parameters are case sensitive!

Supported attributes:

Parameter nameTypeDefault ValueNotes
click_idstring-The AnyTrack Click ID passed to your cart, link or form.
timestampintegerA timestamp value in seconds to replace the receivedAt timestamp. 1709735124
brandstring-Brand name
idstring-The link id
urlstring-The event link
labelstring-The link label
currencystringProperty CurrencyIf you don't send the currency, anytrack will default to the property default currency.
transactionIdstring-A unique id that can be used for deduplication. * Read below
itemsEventItem[]Array of items, see below.
refIdstring-An external id alternative to the Click ID.


Good to know

When triggering an Event, AnyTrack Tracking Tag automatically collects first party data parameters (Cookies, IP, User Agent...).

Customer data

Customer data parameters are supported and will be automatically parse, hashed and normalized according to ad platforms requirements.



When you connect with an integration from the Catalog, these parameters are automatically parsed if present in the conversion data sent by the Integrated platform.

Parameter nameTypeExampleNotes
emailstring[email protected]
fullNamestringJohn SmithOptional, can be provided instead of first and last names
phonestring+1 (650) 555 4444Including country code and area code
birthdatestringMay 26, 1991 or 1991-05-26
citystringMenlo Park
statestringCATwo-letter state or province code
zipcodenumber94025Zip or Postal Code
countrystringUS or United StatesTwo-letter country code is recommended


Automatic data hashing:

You don't need to hash the data as AnyTrack automatically formats and hashes the required data according to the ad pixels and analytics requirements.

E-Commerce parameters

If you are integrated with an eCommerce platform, you can add a list of "items" following the parameters below:

Item parameterTypeDefault ValueNotes
idstring-The item id/sku (required)
namestring-The item name
quantitynumber1amount of items
pricenumber-the item price (required)

Example of a Client Side JS Tag (purchase event)

Here is a complete example of how to use the event parameter when triggering an event:

  var click_id = AnyTrack('trigger', 'Purchase', {  
    value: 29.9, // the total purchase value  
    shippingPrice: 5.9, // optional shipping price  
    taxPrice: 2.9, // optional taxes  
    currency: 'EUR',  
    transactionId: 'XJW0047',  
    email: '[email protected]',  
    firstName: 'John',  
    lastName: 'Smith',  
    items: [{  
      id: '20291', // the item catalog id (required)  
      name: 'Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphones',  
      quantity: 1,  
      price: 19.9 // the item price (required)  
    }, {  
      id: '49292', // the item catalog id (required)  
      name: '6.35mm Male 3.5mm Female Headphone Stereo Audio Connector',  
      quantity: 1,  
      price: 4.1 // the item price (required)  

Example of a Webhook URL with a JSON payload



In order to use the webhook url end point, you must create a custom integration.

    "event_name": "Purchase",
    "click_id": "f8e3bf8dfba8b51ce3340",
    "email": "[email protected]",   
    "refId": "[email protected]",
    "fullName": "Elon Musk",
    "address": "Milky Way 1",
    "phone": "+1919875666",
    "country": "Space",
    "items": [{
        "id": "20291",
        "name": "Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphones",
        "quantity": 1,
        "price": 20.00,
        "brand": "Sony"
        "id": "49292",
        "name": "Beats Headphones",
        "quantity": 1,
        "price": 100.00,
        "brand": "beats"
    "currency": "USD",
    "id": "24356562534585",
    "subtotalprice": 120.00,
    "totalprice": 120.00,
    "taxPrice": 10,
    "value": 120.00,
    "transactionId": "#24356562534585"