Lead Generation

This article explains how integrating AnyTrack with lead generation tools can help track, attribute, and optimize campaigns for better targeting and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by utilizing standard events.

Elevate your lead generation strategy with AnyTrack's advanced tracking capabilities. This article guides you through integrating AnyTrack with top lead generation tools and how to leverage standard events to track, attribute, and optimize your campaigns for better targeting and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


The integration of AnyTrack with your lead generation toolkit empowers you to precisely track campaign performance and optimize your marketing strategies. By utilizing AnyTrack's ability to track standard events, marketers gain in-depth insights into their campaigns' effectiveness, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance campaign targeting and improve ROAS.

Key AnyTrack Standard Events for Lead Generation

AnyTrack automatically maps the following standard events, which are crucial for lead generation campaigns:

  • FormSubmit: Triggered when forms are submitted on your website. This event is pivotal for tracking user engagement and interest.
  • Lead: Utilized for events sent from server-side integrations, such as ClickFunnels, capturing the moment a visitor converts into a lead.
  • CompleteRegistration: For events that include rich customer data (e.g., email, phone number, name, address) but do not involve transaction amounts. This event is essential for understanding the depth of user engagement and for segmenting high-value leads.

Popular Lead Generation Integrations:

  • ClickFunnels Integration: Perfect for tracking funnel conversions and attributing them back to specific ad campaigns.
  • Unbounce Integration: Optimize your landing pages by tracking which versions drive the most conversions.
  • Typeform Integration: Enhance your lead quality with detailed conversion tracking across your Typeform quizzes.

AnyTrack’s Automatic Event and Attribute Mapping

AnyTrack excels in automatically mapping these events to the Standard Events recognized by ad platforms. This seamless mapping ensures that every lead or form submission is accurately attributed to its source, whether it originated from a Google Ads campaign, a Facebook ad, or any other advertising channel.

Furthermore, AnyTrack enhances attribution match rates and enriches audience data by automatically mapping Event Attributes—such as email addresses, names, and phone numbers—to the standard event attributes required by ad platforms. This feature allows for more precise targeting and personalization in your follow-up marketing efforts, significantly boosting campaign performance and efficiency.

Step-by-Step Guide to Leveraging AnyTrack for Lead Generation

  1. Setup and Integration: Begin by integrating AnyTrack with your lead generation platforms, following the detailed guides in the "Lead Generation" category. Ensure that AnyTrack's Tag is correctly placed on your site for comprehensive tracking.

  2. Event Tracking Configuration: Customize your AnyTrack settings to track the standard events relevant to your campaigns. This setup is crucial for gaining insights into user behavior and conversion paths.

  3. Optimization Based on Insights: Analyze the data collected by AnyTrack to identify high-performing campaigns and optimize your ad spend. Use the insights on standard events and attribute mapping to refine your targeting and improve ROAS.

  4. Offline Conversion Tracking: Close the conversion loop with offline conversion tracking. Specifically built for conversions closed over the phone by your sales reps.


By integrating AnyTrack with your lead generation tools and utilizing its advanced tracking of standard events, you unlock a deeper understanding of your campaigns' performance. This knowledge allows for the optimization of your marketing efforts, ensuring that every dollar spent is contributing to your business goals. The combination of precise tracking, automatic event mapping, and attribute enrichment provided by AnyTrack is a game-changer for marketers aiming to maximize their lead generation campaigns' effectiveness and ROAS.