The AnyTrack Click-ID

Get the lowdown on AnyTrack Click-ID and how it helps digital marketers and ecommerce marketers track conversions and improve ROAS.

The AnyTrack Click-ID is an essential tool for digital marketers to accurately track, attribute, and optimize their advertising campaigns. By understanding what the AnyTrack Click-ID is and how it works, you can make the most of your marketing efforts and improve your overall results.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the AnyTrack Click-ID and explain how it can enhance your tracking capabilities.


The AnyTrack Click ID is a unique, anonymous and auto-generated alphanumeric string that enables AnyTrack to tie your visitor's actions across your marketing flows and marketing tech stack.

AnyTrack Click ID Example



Good to know

The Click ID is not our invention! Very much like Google has its GCLID or Facebook the FBCLID, AnyTrack also uses a Click ID to anonymously identify visitors and stitch their activities with sessions and other actions.

Anatomy of the AnyTrack Click ID

The AnyTrack Click ID is composed of 3 strings which allows AnyTrack to construct the user journey and timeline

Property Unique IdentifierThe Visitor unique IdentifierEncrypted key

How and when is the Click ID generated

The click id is generated by the AnyTrack Tracking Tag for every standard and custom event triggered on your website.

For example when a user adds a product to its cart, AnyTrack generates a Click ID.

You can see this happening on your browser by opening the developer mode and inspect the network's logs.

The click id value can be ovserved in the AnyTrack conversion report.

How is the Click ID used?

The Click ID is used to stitch Client Side and Server Side events.

For example, the Click ID appended to the Shopify Cart is triggered via the Client Side interaction and is recorded in the Shopify servers.

When the customer completes its journey by a Purchase, the Click ID is sent to AnyTrack via the Webhook Notifications triggered in the Shopify Servers.

You can see the Click ID value in the Shopify Event Logs.

Custom integrations and advanced tracking methods

When your marketing flow requires more than a standard integration, the Click ID is the key that enables the persistence of a session between the platforms or apps you are using.

As long as the Click ID is passed or synced between the platforms you can be 100% certain that you will be able to track conversions and send them to your analytics and ad platform's conversion API.

Click ID & Marketing Automation platforms

Let's say that you are running ads on Facebook and capturing opt-ins via a TypeForm embed on your Elementor / Wordpress website.

  1. Capture the Click ID via Elementor
  2. Sync the Click ID with Active Campaigns subscribers

Trigger Offline Sales:

Whenever your sales team update the subscribers status or deal stage, you can trigger a webhook or a zapier automation that will send the conversion event to AnyTrack.

👉 Learn how to use webhooks and zapier..

Email Marketing Campaigns & Cross Device Tracking

When you send emails to your subscribers, by appending the clickid identifier to your campaign URLs AnyTrack will identify the customer and stitch this new session with the initial subscriber session.

How does the AnyTrack Click-ID work?

The AnyTrack Click-ID works by following the user's journey from the moment they click on your ad or affiliate link, through their engagement on your website, and ultimately to their conversion.

This process is achieved through a series of steps:

  1. Generation: When a user clicks on your ad or affiliate link, the AnyTrack generates a unique Click-ID.
  2. Attribution: The Click-ID is attached to the user's browser session, allowing the platform to attribute all subsequent interactions to that specific user.
  3. Tracking: The AnyTrack platform tracks the user's actions throughout their journey, from ad click to conversion, using the Click-ID.
  4. Reporting: The collected data is aggregated into actionable reports, providing you with valuable insights for optimizing your marketing efforts.

Why is the AnyTrack Click-ID important?

The AnyTrack Click-ID plays a crucial role in digital marketing, as it allows you to:

  1. Accurately attribute conversions: By tracking user interactions, the Click-ID enables you to correctly attribute conversions to specific marketing campaigns, ad placements, and affiliate networks. This helps you understand which strategies are driving the best results.
  2. Optimize your marketing efforts: With accurate attribution data, you can make better-informed decisions for optimizing your marketing campaigns, ad placements, and affiliate partnerships.
  3. Increase ROI: By identifying high-performing marketing channels and strategies, you can allocate your budget more effectively, ultimately increasing your return on investment (ROI).
  4. Enhance user experience: The Click-ID data can also be used to identify user behavior patterns and preferences, helping you refine your website content and user experience to better meet your audience's needs.


The AnyTrack Click-ID is an essential tool for digital marketers seeking to enhance their tracking capabilities, optimize their marketing efforts, and ultimately increase their ROI. By understanding and effectively utilizing the Click-ID, you can gain valuable insights into user behavior and make informed decisions to improve your advertising campaigns and drive better results.