AnyTrack Pixel Helper Extension

The AnyTrack Pixel Helper Chrome Extension enables you to inspect and troubleshoot tracking data from your website directly within your browser.

Use the AnyTrack Pixel Helper Chrome Extension for direct access to essential tracking data from the websites you monitor with AnyTrack. Use it to validate your AnyTrack Tag configuration, verify your pixels, and inspect your events—all without leaving your browser.

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Install the AnyTrack Pixel Helper Extension

Click here to install the AnyTrack Pixel Helper from the Chrome Store to validate and troubleshoot your tracking setup, right from your browser bar. Learn more.


The AnyTrack Pixel Helper is a free Chrome extension that installs in your browser, enabling you to inspect the setup of the Properties you are tracking with AnyTrack. You can also verify the presence of your tracking pixels and the code of your snippets. The extension provides you with event log data, allowing you to track the action right where it happens.


Included With All Plans

The AnyTrack Pixel Helper is freely available to all AnyTrack users, including those on the free plan.


  • A Chromium-based browser (e.g., Chrome, Edge, or Brave) that supports extensions from the Chrome Web Store.
  • The AnyTrack Tag must be installed on the website for the extension to provide tracking data.


Install the AnyTrack Tag

Learn how to install the AnyTrack Tag on your website to get tracking data from the Chrome extension.

Installing the Extension

Follow these steps to install the AnyTrack Pixel Helper Chrome Extension in your Chromium-based browser:

  1. Click here to visit the Chrome Web Store and find the AnyTrack Pixel Helper extension.
  2. Install the extension and add it to your browser.
  3. Pin the extension to keep it visible.

Using the Extension

  1. After installing the extension, visit any of the websites you've added as Properties in AnyTrack.

  2. If the AnyTrack Tag is present on the website, the extension icon will turn blue.

  3. Click on the icon to view the pixels and snippets found on the website.

The AnyTrack Pixel Helper Chrome Extension shows you the tracking pixels and snippets from your websites.

See your tracking pixels and snippets.

Identify tags and events.

Identify tags and tracking parameters.


Disable ad blockers

Some ad blocker extensions such as Ghostery interfere with the retrieval of the tracking data. Deactivate them while using the AnyTrack Pixel Helper.

  1. Explore event log data or launch the AnyTrack dashboard for a more in-depth analysis.
You can inspect event log data or launch the AnyTrach dashboard.

Now you can verify the tracking setup of all your AnyTrack Properties

What’s Next

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