TikTok Ads

Learn how to integrate the TikTok Conversion API with AnyTrack and leverage your first party data across all your marketing channels.

TikTok Ads integration overview

The TikTok Ads AnyTrack integration allows any digital marketers to share website visitor's and customer journeys from any conversion source to the TikTok API.

Web events are shared with TikTok to better inform ads optimization, targeting, and measurement systems by providing insights into your website customers' journeys.

Leveraging the TikTok Events API helps businesses to future-proof and adapt to the changing advertising ecosystem, by allowing friction-free marketing data flows between your business and TikTok.

Data sent through the Events API let marketers use events data to leverage solutions like dynamic showcase ads, custom targeting, campaign optimization, attribution and custom audience building.

You should use the Tiktok Ads AnyTrack Integration if you are:

  • Running an eCommerce store and want to leverage the your audience and full customer journey to optimize your TikTok Ads.
  • An Affiliate Marketers and you want to leverage your First Party data and track 100% of your conversions in TikTok Ads.
  • Running Lead Generation campaigns with short or long sales cycle and you want to leverage every CRM events to optimize your TikTok Ads.
  • Creators / product owners: If you sell coaching subscription, SaaS products or anything else online, you can use AnyTrack to optimize your marketing campaigns on TikTok.

Use case: The TikTok AnyTrack Integration for Shopify

The Central Hub: AnyTrack 🎛️

  • Ongoing: AnyTrack acts as the nerve center that collects customer data and web events from your Shopify store. This includes the customer journey, product views, and add-to-cart actions.

Real-Time Data Collection & Triggering 🎯

  • Real-Time: AnyTrack doesn't just collect this data; it also triggers the Conversion APIs of your connected ad platforms—Facebook, Google Ads, and now TikTok Ads—in real-time.

Data Enrichment & Attribution by AnyTrack 🧠

  • Real-Time: After collecting data from your Shopify store, AnyTrack enriches and attributes it to your TikTok campaigns, just as it does for Facebook and Google. This ensures a seamless customer journey tracking across all platforms.

Purchase Data & Conversion API 🛒

  • Ongoing: AnyTrack also captures purchase data from your Shopify store and sends it via Conversion API to Facebook, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads. This is crucial for accurate attribution and audience data enrichment.

AI-Driven Optimization Across Platforms 🤖

  • Ongoing: TikTok, like Facebook and Google, uses this rich data from AnyTrack to auto-optimize your campaigns. The difference? You're now doing it across multiple platforms, thanks to AnyTrack's orchestration.

Holistic ROAS & Reporting 📈

  • Ongoing: With AnyTrack, you can calculate and compare ROAS across Facebook, Google, and TikTok. It's not just another channel; it's a multi-channel strategy orchestrated by AnyTrack.

Compliance & Data Integrity 🛡️

  • Ongoing: Rest easy knowing that AnyTrack ensures all data sent to TikTok, Facebook, and Google is compliant with privacy laws.

For Shopify store owners using AnyTrack with Facebook and Google Ads, adding TikTok is like adding a turbocharger to your already high-performance engine. 🚀 AnyTrack is the conductor of this marketing symphony, ensuring each instrument plays its part to perfection. 🎶

TikTok Integration Features

  • Automatic Setup: No-code integration through standard authentication.
  • TikTok Event API: Send conversion data to TikTok Conversion API.
  • TikTok Pixel: Send Conversions to Tiktok Web Pixel.
  • Deduplication: Automatic event Deduplication using TikTok recommended parameters.
  • Budget Management: Manage your campaign budget directly from your AnyTack Dashboard.
  • PII data hashing: As per standard industry practice, customer emails and phone numbers will be hashed with SHA256 before reaching TikTok servers for matching.
  • eCommerce Conversion Data: Send standard eCommerce conversions Events, and itemized orders, carts and checkouts, content, product id, brand name.
  • Affiliate Conversion Data: Mapping of standard Affiliate Conversions Data.
  • Lead Generation Funnels: Send lead generation conversions - form submit, lead, registration.
  • UTM Tracking Template: Pre-built tracking template including standard UTM parameters, name and ID based parameters.
  • Campaign Performance Reports: Get full campaign performance reports with Attributed Conversions and revenues, compared with realtime tracking data from your conversion sources.
  • Tag Management: AnyTrack loads your TikTok pixel and AutoTrack standard events on your behalf.
  • Custom Audience building: Build custom audience out of any conversion data sent to TikTok

Benefits of TikTok & AnyTrack Conversion API Integration

The TikTok Integration provides the following benefits:

  1. Clear Conversion Mapping: You can define the event mapping between standard events tracked by AnyTrack, and the Events you want to send to TikTok.
  2. Default mapping: By default, TikTok Standard Events, like PlaceAnOrder, are available with the required parameters and automatically mapped to the AnyTrack Purchase Event.
  3. Privacy-enabled: Stay compliant with privacy requirements with automatic PII hashing, normalization and processing.
  4. Increase event tracking: Track more events with improved accuracy and get a unified customer’s journey across all touch points.
  5. Realtime Custom Audiences: Create custom audiences out of any event data collected through your AnyTrack account.
  6. Ads Attribution & Optimization: Leverage your conversion data to attribute conversions to your campaigns and optimize for ROAS.

Getting started



If you don't have yet a TikTok Business account or a TikTok Pixel, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a TikTok For Business account.
  2. Create a TikTok Pixel in Developer Mode to obtain a Pixel ID.
  3. You need an Anytrack account on the Basic, Personal or Advanced Plan and an active property.



In order to benefit from both Browser and Server events and prevent duplicate data you should remove your TikTok Pixel from your website or shop.

As soon as you have completed the integration, AnyTrack will automatically load your TikTok Pixel.

Step #1: Connect AnyTrack with TikTok Conversion API

Checkout this tutorial to see what the process looks like (Less than 2 minutes)

  1. From the AnyTrack Dashboard, click on Tracking Pixels, then click on the TikTok card.
  2. Click on Browse to load the TikTok authentication window
  3. Click on Authorize the AnyTrack App.
  4. You will then be redirected to the AnyTrack Dashboard.
  5. Enable the TikTok Conversion API.
  6. Scroll down to the Event Mapping and update it if needed.
  7. Save your settings


⚠️ Deduplication!

In order to prevent duplication data, and benefit from both web and API events, you must remove your TikTok Pixel from your website or shop.

As soon as you have completed the integration, AnyTrack will automatically load your TikTok Pixel.

Step #2 TikTok Conversion Event Mapping:

Any Conversions tracked by AnyTrack are mapped to Tiktok Standard Conversion Events.

Step #3: Update your TikTok Pixel Settings

  1. Allow first-party cookies
  2. Enable Automatic Advanced Matching

Step #4: Verify your setup

You can send test events to the TikTok API and see the results in real time on your TikTok Test Event tab.

  1. In TikTok, navigate to the Test Event tab and copy the Test Event ID (keep the tab open)
  2. In AnyTrack: Navigate to the TikTok pixel settings, and paste the Test Event ID in the test field.
  3. Click on the TEST button 

Step #5: Add the UTM template to your ads

Unlike Facebook or Google Ads, TikTok doesn't offer an option to automatically append UTM parameters. You must add the UTM template manually to the URL of the destination page.

First, copy the UTM Tracking Template. Navigate to Tracking Pixels, select the TikTok Pixel, and navigate to the Ads Integration tab. Then click on the template to copy to the clipboard.

Then, from the TikTok Ads Manager, navigate to Ad > Ad details, and in URL, add the URL of the website with the appended UTM template.



Save your changes. Go back to the Ads Integration tab in AnyTrack and click on Verify Ads Settings (or click on Reload if you had tried the verification before)

Ads with the correct template will show a green indicator. From now on, all the traffic coming from these ads will be attributed to the right TikTok campaigns.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Deduplication with the TikTok Pixel and Event API

When you integrate TikTok with AnyTrack, your TikTok Pixel is automatically loaded with all the required parameters, including the required deduplication data.

If you get warnings from TikTok about duplication data, check your code to verify that you don't have the TikTok pixel or event pixel already setup or firing from another system such as the TikTok App in Shopify.

  • How long does it take to see conversions in TikTok Ads manager?

    Ad attribution can take from 1 hour to several or even days - depending if the traffic originated from an iOS device or not. In AnyTrack you will see the conversions attributed to your ads in near real time.

  • Do I need an Access Token?

    Yes, but the AnyTrack App generates the Access Token for you when you authenticate your AnyTrack account with TikTok.

  • How do I send Matching parameters?

    To increase the match rate between website visitors and TikTok Ads AnyTrack maps the event parameters collected through the AnyTrack tag, as well as the data received from your conversion source integrations such as Shopify or ClickFunnels.

  • How does AnyTrack sends Matching parameters for Affiliate Marketing campaigns?

    Matching parameters include anonymous first party data which is automatically collected by AnyTrack.

  • How do I verify that my conversions are sent to TikTok?

    Access the web diagnostics from the TikTok Web Diagnostics tab so you can inspect the event data and troubleshoot common issues.

  • Does the integration work for Affiliate Marketers?

    Yes, AnyTrack tracks and send all standard Affiliate Conversions to Tiktok Ads.

  • What is a TikTok pixel?

    A TikTok pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website to track conversions and actions users take on your website after viewing or clicking on one of your TikTok ads. It helps you understand the effectiveness of your ads and gather data to improve your advertising strategy. When using AnyTrack, you don't need to manually add the TikTok pixel to your website. AnyTrack automatically loads it for you, simplifying the process and ensuring accurate tracking.

  • How to connect or add TikTok pixel to Shopify?

    With AnyTrack, you do not need to add the TikTok Pixel to Shopify since AnyTrack will automatically loads it for you.

  • How to set up TikTok pixel?

    You do not need to set up your TikTok pixel since AnyTrack will load it on your behalf.

  • How to create TikTok pixel?

    Creating a TikTok pixel is typically done in your TikTok Ads account.