Learn how to track conversions with AnyTrack using the ThirstyAffiliates integration. Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up AnyTrack with ThirstyAffiliates and maximize your ROAS.


Limited Support for Custom Integrations

We currently do not offer setup support for custom integrations not listed in the Integration Catalog. Any guidance provided in our documentation for such integrations is to be used at your own risk and may no longer be updated or maintained.

If you are currently working with ThirstyAffiliates, you should know that tracking link isn't going to make you rich. What you need is tracking the actual revenues generated by each individual click and being able to attribute each dollar earned to your content, traffic, campaigns, or partners.

When working with AnyTrack you'll be able to track the links, clicks, and any subsequent conversions generated by your traffic.


Good to know: Since the release of AutoScan you no long have to tag your links. AutoScan will scan your links and AutoTag them with the correct subid parameters.


  • You must have AnyTrack enabled on your site.
  • Your Thirsty Affiliate Plugin must be enabled.

General settings

  1. Update your plugin settings and make sure you have the "Enable Pass Query strings to destination URL" enabled.
  2. Verify that your links are not "short" urls since it's not possible to update the subid when the offer link is embedded in a short url.
  3. Remove any subid parameter from the destination URL as AnyTrack automatically appends it.
  4. Edit the link and add the Tracking Group of the offer link in the additional rel option.

The tracking group is the name of the affiliate network or software. For example, TradingView affiliate program runs on Hasoffers. So you can add either tradingview or hasoffers.

thirstyaffiliates plugin

That's it!
Now the links will be AutoTagged.