Learn how to integrate your WooCommerce store with AnyTrack.io to track conversions and optimize your ROAS.

WooCommerce Integration Overview

AnyTrack makes it easy to get the most out of your WooCommerce store with automated conversion tracking and optimization! Our integration syncs data between your WooCommerce store and AnyTrack, so you can track and attribute user activities like product views, add-to-cart events, purchases & more across platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Tiktok Ads. With powerful analytics insights on top of the collected data, you'll be able to make smarter decisions in real time that drive better results for your business!

How does the WooCommerce AnyTrack integration work:

  1. Traffic: When visitors land on your website, AnyTrack collects traffic source data and First Party data.
  2. Customer Journey: When visitors engage with your shop, view products, add to cart, or initiate a checkout and Purchase, AnyTrack automatically tracks these events.
  3. Attribution: AnyTrack processes the conversion data and sends it across various reporting sections of the Anytrack Dashboard.
  4. Conversion API: AnyTrack then sends your conversions to your Ad Platforms' Conversion API so you can feed your ad platform's Machine Learning, AI and automatic optimization according to 100% of your conversion data.

Technical details

Tracking GroupwoocommerceThe Tracking Group reference can be used to activate the integration.
Subid Parameterclick_idThe Subid Parameter stored in Woocommerce
Tracking MethodPluginThe Woocommerce plugin automatically tracks browser and server events.

WooCommerce Standard Events and Conversions

Event NameDetailsData SourceMeta Ads Events
ViewContentWhen a visitor view a product on WooCommerceJSViewContent
AddToCartWhen a product is added to the cart.JSAddToCart
InitiateCheckoutWhen a user starts a checkout flow.JSInitiateCheckout
AddPaymentInfoWhen a user enters its payment details in the checkoutServerAddPaymentInfo
PurchaseWhen a user purchases a product.ServerPurchase


Ad Platforms Events

Corresponding events mapped with Ad Platforms events.

The WooCommerce Plugin

The AnyTrack Plugin for Woocommerce enables you to instantly connect AnyTrack with your shop, track standard checkout events and send your customer journey to the Ad Platforms Conversions API connected to your AnyTrack account.

Setup Guide

Step #1: Add WooCommerce to your AnyTrack Account

  1. Go to your Wordpress Plugin page
  2. Add a New Plugin
  3. Search for AnyTrack
  4. Select AnyTrack for Woocommerce Plugin
  5. Click on the Install the Plugin.
  6. Activate the plugin
  7. Add the AnyTrack propertyID in the Plugin settings



Disable any other plugins that interact with ad platforms you connect with AnyTrack. Failure to do so will generate duplicate data.

Learn how anytrack handles deduplication process.

Validate your integration

This section will enable you to validate the main aspects of your setup.

  1. Open your website on a fresh browser tab
  2. Trigger some events,AddToCart, InitiateCheckout and Purchase
  3. Navigate to the Conversion Report to see the conversions and customer journey.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

  • General troubleshooting if you don't see conversions.

    • Verify that your Property ID is set in the plugin and that the plugin is active
    • If you're on the free plan, verify that you didn't reach the monthly traffic limit and upgrade if needed.
  • Can I import past conversions into Anytrack?

    No. Anytrack can only ingest conversions that have been triggered following a visitor session on your website.
  • Should I add the AnyTrack Tracking Tag directly in the Woocommerce website?

    No. you should add the Woocommerce Plugin in order to track standard events and product data.
  • Does AnyTrack support catalog or shopping campaigns?

    Yes. All parameters required for catalog campaigns are automatically collected and sent to your ad platforms.