Retreaver Call Tracking integration


Integrating AnyTrack with Retreaver offers a sophisticated solution for tracking phone call conversions and events from your marketing campaigns. This setup involves capturing interactions when a user views a dynamically loaded phone number on a landing page and then tracking subsequent phone call conversions.

The integration process involves:

  1. Pageview Tracking: Attaching an atclid parameter to the dynamically loaded phone number on the landing page.
  2. Data Passing: Sending the AnyTrack atclid to Retreaver.
  3. Custom Server-Side Integration: Creating a custom integration in AnyTrack to map standard parameters to Retreaver's webhook or postback URL.


  • An active AnyTrack account.
  • A Retreaver account with call tracking configured.
  • Familiarity with JavaScript and webhooks/postback URLs.
  • Access to Retreaver technical documentation.

Steps for Integration

Step 1: Implement Pageview Tracking with atclid

  1. Implement AnyTrack Tag: Ensure the AnyTrack JavaScript tag is installed on your landing pages.
AnyTrack(function () {
    var atclid = AnyTrack('atclid');
  1. Attach atclid to Phone Number: Modify the script that dynamically loads the phone number on the page to include the atclid parameter from AnyTrack. This parameter should be appended to the phone number as a query parameter or in a format that Retreaver can recognize and process.

Step 2: Pass AnyTrack atclid to Retreaver

  1. Retrieve atclid: Extract the AnyTrack atclid using JavaScript.
  2. Pass atclid to Retreaver: Use the appropriate method to send this atclid to Retreaver's system.

Step 3: Create a Custom Server-Side Integration in AnyTrack

  1. Set Up Webhook/Postback URL: Configure a webhook or postback URL in AnyTrack to correspond with Retreaver's system.
  2. Map Parameters: Ensure AnyTrack's parameters are correctly mapped to Retreaver's webhook or postback URL requirements.

Validation Steps

  1. Check Pageview Tracking: Verify that the atclid parameter is correctly attached to the phone number and is being tracked.
  2. Verify atclid Transfer: Confirm the accurate transmission of the AnyTrack atclid to Retreaver.
  3. Monitor Data Flow: Ensure accurate data transmission from Retreaver to AnyTrack, and subsequently to your ad platforms.