Troubleshooting Integrations

Troubleshoot any issues you're having with AnyTrack's integrations so you can maximize your ROAS. Learn how to resolve errors, optimize settings, and more.

General troubleshooting

  • Verify that your tracking tag is set in the head section of your website.
  • If you're on the free plan, verify that you didn't reach the monthly traffic limit.

Conversion sources

When you are not getting conversions, most conversions trigger an error or you're not getting the Conversion data you expect.

Before you reach out to the support, please inspect the conversion log to see what type of errors you are getting and try to adjust the integration following the following troubleshooting guidelines.

Native integrations

Native integrations refer to platforms that are predefined in the catalog and should provide an error-free data flow.

The most common error is that the click_id is unknown or missing and this is the case when AutoTag did not append the anytrack click_id to the offer link.

  • Check that your affiliate links are not hidden behind some javascript.
  • Check that the links are in a standard a element.
  • Try to manually set the tracking group attribute (check the integration guidelines).
  • Check whether your offers are not getting traffic from websites where AnyTrack Tag isn't set.
  • If you just installed AnyTrack, some conversions might be the originating from traffic that wasn't tracked by AnyTrack.

Conversion data doesn't trigger an error 🔴, but isn't not validated 🟢

  • Check that the postback URL set in the integration matches the predefined postback URL we provide. If necessary, update the postback URL.
  • Copy the Event Reference and contact the support.

You're not getting conversions:

  • Check that the AnyTrack postback / webhook is set and active in your platform integration.

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations refer to integrations that have been set using the Custom Integration and that requires manual setup following standard tracking parameters.

Common errors with custom integrations include missing and / or unknown click_id but can also be the result of using the wrong conversion attributes or postback tokens.

  • Check that you've properly set the Anytrack tracking attributes and the integration tokens.
  • Check that you're passing the correct AutoTag subid parameter to the offer link.
  • Check that the Postback URL is correctly inserted in the custom integration.