Business Manager Permissions

Learn how to manage Facebook Business Manager permissions with the AnyTrack Facebook Conversion API to optimize ROAS.

In order to integrate your Facebook account with AnyTrack, you must be added as a user with admin permissions under each asset you want to connect with.


Good to know:

The fact that you are the business account owner doesn't mean that the assets are automatically assigned to you as a user.

Facebook Assets required to connect with Anytrack



Any user who is setting up the Facebook Ads integration must be admin, and added under each of the following assets / entities within the Business Manager.


Not seeing financial data in the reports?

Make sure financial data is added under the user settings when adding him to the various assets.

  • Business Manager
  • An Ad Account
  • A Dataset (Previously called Pixel)
  • eCommerce manager (if you run catalog campaigns)
    • Must be connected to the same dataset.
    • Must be connected to the same ad account.
Facebook eCommerce Manager Integration

How do I know the integration is successful

Once you've connected AnyTrack with the Facebook Conversion API the AnyTrack app will appear under the business integration section.