Custom UTM parameters

UTM parameters for Custom Ad networks.

ParameterValue ExampleRequiredInfo
utm_sourcegoogleyesthe name of the ad network
utm_mediumcpc, paid, referral, emailyesMedium is used to identify the type of traffic. When passing cpc, GA4 will categorize the traffic as a paid campaign. Do not use this parameter to pass unique values such as campaign id, ad id
utm_campaignmy_summer_campaignyesThe name of the campaign
utm_ida0897as0df8highly recommendedThis parameter will enable you to identify campaigns in Google Analytics.
utm_termbest summer tripnoif you buy keywords, this is where you want to add the keyword token from your ad network.
utm_contentAd Headline Contentnoused to identify the ad that visitors click on.
xClickId{token} provided by the ad platform.Highly RecommendedIt's highly recommended if you want to postback conversion data to your ad platform.

Find out with your ad platform what are the tokens you can use to dynamically populate the tracking parameters.

When the parameters are present, they will be returned to the Webhook data.

You'll then be able to filter the conversions you want to send to the ad platform's postback / conversion api.