PageView Click ID identifier: atclid

You can use the tracking TAG to generate Click IDs for offer links, form inputs, or even conversions.

By default, AnyTrack generates a click_id for engagements such as OutboundClicks, ViewContent and FormSubmit. However, the standar PageView event does not trigger a click_id.

In some cases, you might want to get a click_id value out of the standard PageView event so that you can use this click_id value at a later stage of the funnel.

The PageView Click ID is usually used to set an identifier to a user.

Generate the atclid variable

The atclid variable is a Click ID generated using the current user session without relating it to any particular event. Use the following code to generate it:

var atclid = AnyTrack('atclid');

Please note that this code will work only AFTER AnyTrack TAG was loaded on your page. In order to verify the code is already loaded, you can use the script:

You can also use it to further do something with it.

AnyTrack(function () {
    var atclid = AnyTrack('atclid');

How to generate the atclid value in Google Tag Manager

  1. Create a new Javascript Variable
  2. Insert the following Code and Save

Now you can use the atclid value in any of the tags within your Google Tag Manager container

function () {
    return atclid = AnyTrack('atclid');