AnyTrack attribution explained

Get the facts on AnyTrack attribution and find out how this conversion tracking and attribution platform helps digital marketers improve ROAS.

What is attribution:

This table summarizes the tracking and reporting capabilities of each entity involved in the attribution and reporting process.

ReportingPost ViewPost ClickAttribution rulesMulti ChannelData-point
Ad ManagerYesYesPlatform rules + Advertiser account settingsNoFirst Party Data
Event ManagerYesYesNoneNoFirst Party Data
AnyTrackNoYesLast Ad ClickYesFirst Party Data, UTM & more

Attribution in your Ad Manager

The Ad Manager reports the conversions that could be successfully attributed to your ads according to the platform's attribution rules and your campaign attribution settings.

Ad platforms do not take into consideration any other traffic sources that can be on the path to a conversion, and try to attribute as many conversions as possible to their ads.

In other words, when you send a conversion to Facebook Pixel (browser or server-side), Facebook will apply your account and campaign attribution settings as well as the platform default attribution rules.

How it works:

  1. User interacts with an ad (view or click)

  2. User visit the advertiser website and triggers a conversion

  3. The advertiser sends the conversion to the ad platform with required data points

  4. Matching parameters

  5. Cookies

  6. Event parameters

  7. Ad platform processes the conversion data in order to attribute the event

  8. Matching parameters to find user within the ad platform audience

  9. Applies attribution rules and logics

  10. Applies statistical modeling

  11. Ad platform reports the conversion in the Ad Manager - if attribution was successful.

Attribution in an Analytics Platform

Analytics platforms have an holistic approach as they take into consideration any traffic source that are on the path to the conversion.

In addition, analytics platforms can apply a business logic such as first click, last click, time decay and so on... when reporting your conversions, and are not bound to any attribution window.