Team management

Learn how to invite users to your AnyTrack account and adjust settings according to your business needs.

Giving access to your Anytrack account is key to efficient collaboration and keeping your data safe.


Access Level:

Currently the access is account wide and can't be limited to specific Property, integrations or datasets.

Inviting users

  1. Click on Access Management.
  2. Click on New User.
  3. Fill in the user details.
  4. Select the access level and Save

The user will receive an email with link to accept the invite and set its password.

Access levels

  1. Account owner: When you want to give full access to the user.
  2. Account Manager: Has full read and edit access to everything but the owner's accounts and billing.
  3. Account member: This user has read only access to the account.

Updating users

Updating the user permission is done by opening the user settings and making the required adjustments, or deleting the user.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

  • Can I give access to specific properties or integrations?

    Not at this time. Currently, the user access is account wide and isn't limited to properties or integrations.
  • Is there a specific settings for agencies who need to give access to their clients?

    Not currently. Users have access to the entire account.
  • Can I transfer a property to a different AnyTrack account?

    Not currently.
  • Can I use the same email to access several AnyTrack account?

    No. The email address is tied to a user which is tied to an account. If you need access to several accounts, we recommend creating email alias.