Integrating BuyGoods with AnyTrack Using a Custom Integration.

Our catalog doesn’t currently feature a native integration for BuyGoods, but you can still track and report conversions effectively using a Custom Integration. This setup links your BuyGoods offers directly to major ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and TikTok Ads, allowing real-time performance tracking and optimization. Gain insights and maximize your ROAS by harnessing powerful analytics through this seamless integration.

How the BuyGoods Integration Works

  1. Traffic: When visitors land on your website, AnyTrack collects traffic source data and First Party data.
  2. Engagements: When visitors click on your BuyGoods affiliate links, AnyTrack does a few things:
    1. Collects granular data tied to the OutboundClick.
    2. Triggers Event Tracking API requests to your pixels and analytics.
  3. Conversions: When visitors converts on the merchant's website, AnyTrack receives real time conversion data through a notification sent by BuyGoods to the postback URL of the Custom Integration.
  4. Attribution: AnyTrack processes the conversion data and reports it across various reporting sections of the Anytrack Dashboard.
  5. Conversion API: AnyTrack then sends your conversions to your Ad Platforms' Conversion API so you can feed your ad platform's Machine Learning, AI and automatic optimization according to 100% of your conversion data.

Technical details

Tracking GroupAutoTag is not available for BuyGoods, links must be manually appended.
Subid Parametersubid5Other subids available.
Tracking MethodPostback URLConversions are sent through a server-side connection.

Standard Conversions

Event NameDetailsData Source
OutboundClickWhen a visitor clicks on BuyGoods offer links.AnyTrack JS Tag
LeadWhen a free registration is recorded in BuyGoods.Postback URL
PurchaseWhen a user generates a commission in BuyGoods.Postback URL


BuyGoods affiliate links are not automatically tagged by the AnyTrack Tag and you will need to append the clickid token to your offer links:

Postback URL

Example of a postback URL configured to capture the conversion notifications sent by BuyGoods. Don't use this link, during setupyou will create your own link associated to your AnyTrack account.{SUBID5}&commission={COMMISSION_AMOUNT}&transaction_id={ORDERID}&brand_name={PRODUCT_CODENAME}

Conversion Payload

Example of the conversion data for a Purchase event sent by BuyGoods to the postback URL.

  "transaction_id": "987654321",
  "commission": "123.45",
  "brand_name": "ExampleProduct",
  "click_id": "0MImaB6yHytqMDAkyAgKfRew4kqt0iltmW"


This custom integration requires an AnyTrack account and a BuyGoods Affiliate account. You also need access to the website where you publish your BuyGoods links. You can complete the setup in less than 5 minutes and no advanced skills are necessary.

Setup Guide

This guide includes step-by-step instructions to install the AnyTrack Tag on your website (in case you haven't installed it yet), create a Custom Integration, connect it to BuyGoods, and append the tracking parameter to your BuyGoods links.


Supplementary Video Guide

Watch this video if you prefer a video walkthrough for setting up this custom integration.

Validate Your Integration

After completing the setup, follow this guide to test and verify the integration.


Manual Link Tagging Necessary

Due to BuyGoods not being included in the integration catalog, the AnyTrack Tag on your website cannot automatically append the tracking parameter to your BuyGoods affiliate links. This manual tagging process is detailed in Step 22 of the Setup Guide.

Forward Data to Ad Networks and Analytics

Now that you have set up your Custom Integration and are capturing conversions, it's essential to relay this information to your ad networks and analytics platforms to enhance ad targeting in real-time.

Step 1. Connect AnyTrack to the Pixels

Begin by connecting AnyTrack to your pixels. This initial step establishes a server-side connection that is crucial for the accurate forwarding of data.


Prevent Duplicates

Once AnyTrack is connected to your pixels using S2S, you must remove pixels and other tracking systems installed directy on your website to prevent duplicates.

Step 2. Map Events to Ad Events

In this second step, you match the events from the Custom Integration with the conversion events expected on your ad networks and analytics.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

  • Can I import past conversions into Anytrack?

    No. Anytrack can only ingest conversions that have been triggered following a visitor session on your website.
  • Can I track direct linking campaigns?

    Yes, but this requires a custom setup. Please refer to this article.
  • Can I use a tracking parameter other than subid5?

    Yes, if you are already using the subid5 parameter, you can use any other of the available subid parameters. Just make sure that the preferred subid coincides both in the Custom Integration and the offer links. (Steps 15 and 22 of the Setup Guide)
  • Can I track conversions without the click id parameter?

    No. The click id passed to the BuyGoods links through the tracking parameter is required to track conversions.

Take these steps to troubleshoot errors you encounter in AnyTrack

  • General troubleshooting

    • Verify that your tracking tag is set in the head section of your website.
    • If you're on the free plan, verify that you didn't reach the monthly traffic limit and upgrade if needed.
  • Conversion sources

    When you are not tracking conversions, or most conversions trigger an error follow the guidelines below.


Before you reach out to the tech support, please inspect the conversion log to see what type of errors you are getting and try to fix the integration by following these troubleshooting guidelines.

  • Native integrations

    Native integrations refer to platforms that are predefined in the catalog and should provide an error-free data flow.
    The most common error is that the click_id is unknown or missing. It happens when AutoTag could not be activated.
    • Check that your links are not hidden behind some javascripts or double redirects.
    • Check that the links are in a standard a element.
    • Try to manually set the tracking group attribute (check the integration guidelines).
    • Check whether your offers don't get traffic from websites where the AnyTrack Tag isn't set.
    • Conversion data doesn't trigger an error 🔴, but is not validated 🟢:

      • Check that the API Integration you've set matches the pre-defined API Integration we provide.
      • Copy the Event Reference from the Conversion Event Log and contact the support.
    • You're not getting any conversions:

    • Check that the API Integration is set and active in your platform.
    • Check that you're passing the correct AutoTag sid parameter to the offer link.
    • Check that the Postback URL is correctly inserted in the custom integration.