Thrive Leads Integration

Seamlessly integrate Thrive Leads forms with AnyTrack to enable advanced tracking capabilities, ensuring each form submission is accurately attributed and tracked across your marketing funnel.


Limited Support for Custom Integrations

We currently do not offer setup support for custom integrations not listed in the Integration Catalog. Any guidance provided in our documentation for such integrations is to be used at your own risk and may no longer be updated or maintained.

Integrating Thrive Leads with AnyTrack presents a powerful solution for marketers looking to enhance their Lead Generationlead generation and tracking capabilities across various advertising platforms. This integration enables the seamless tracking of form submissions, capturing crucial data that can be used to optimize marketing campaigns and improve overall ROI.

Introduction to Thrive Leads and AnyTrack Integration

Thrive Leads, a leading tool for creating high-converting opt-in forms, and AnyTrack, a comprehensive tracking solution, come together to bridge the gap between lead generation and performance tracking. By integrating these two platforms, marketers can now automatically track form submissions, map customer journeys, and attribute conversions back to their source, whether it be a Facebook ad, a Google Ads campaign, or any other traffic source.

General Objective

The primary objective of this integration is to provide marketers with actionable insights into their lead generation efforts, enabling them to:

  • Accurately track the source of each lead,
  • Optimize their campaigns based on real-time data,
  • Improve conversion rates through targeted follow-ups,
  • Enhance the personalization of marketing messages.

Example Use Cases

  • Facebook Campaigns: A marketer running targeted Facebook Ads can track which ads lead to form submissions on their site. This data allows for the refinement of ad creatives, audiences, and spending to focus on the highest-performing campaigns.
  • Google Ads Campaigns: By integrating Thrive Leads forms with AnyTrack, marketers can pinpoint which keywords and ad groups are generating the most leads. This enables them to allocate their budget more efficiently and boost their campaign's ROI by focusing on the most lucrative keywords.
  • Email Marketing Optimization: With the atclid tracking parameter, marketers can trace which email campaigns and specific links lead to form submissions. This insight allows for the optimization of email content, timing, and segmentation strategies to increase engagement and conversions.

By implementing the Thrive Leads and AnyTrack integration, marketers can leverage detailed analytics to make informed decisions, tailor their strategies to meet customer needs better, and ultimately drive more conversions from their digital campaigns.

Setup guide

Step 1: Edit Your Thrive Leads Form

  • What: Access your Thrive Leads dashboard and choose the form you wish to edit.
  • Why: To insert a hidden field that will capture unique visitor IDs for tracking.
  • Outcome: A form ready for the addition of a tracking-specific field.

Step 2: Add a Hidden Field

thrive leads hidden field configuration
  • What: Add a new field to your form. Set its type to "hidden," name it atclid, and assign --CLICK-ID-- as its default value.
  • Why: The --CLICK-ID-- token will be automatically replaced by AnyTrack’s tracking tag with an auto-generated Click ID value, essential for Server-Side Tracking.
  • Outcome: A form capable of capturing unique click IDs without user interaction.

Step 3: Trigger a Webhook Upon Form Submission

  • What: Configure your form to trigger a Webhooks to Zapier or any other integration tool connected to your website upon submission.
  • Why: This allows the captured data, including the unique click ID, to be sent to your email platform or other marketing tools.
  • Outcome: Real-time data transfer upon form submission.

Step 4: Ensure atclid Value Populates in Your Email Platform

  • What: Verify that the atclid field is correctly populating in your chosen email platform (e.g., ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign).
  • Why: Ensures the tracking data is associated with the correct subscriber, enabling personalized tracking and analytics.
  • Outcome: Enhanced subscriber data with tracking capabilities.

Step 5: Custom Field and Mapping

  • What: If necessary, create a custom field in your email platform to receive the atclid value. Ensure proper mapping between the form and email platform.
  • Why: Guarantees the tracking data flows correctly from your form to your email platform, associating each form submission with a unique click ID.
  • Outcome: A robust dataset for each subscriber, enriching your analytics and segmentation.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Q: What if the atclid value isn’t appearing in my email platform?

A: Double-check the webhook configuration and ensure the field mapping is correctly set up in your email platform. If issues persist, consult your platform’s support documentation or reach out to their support team.

Q: Can I use this integration with email platforms other than ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign?

A: Yes, the integration process is similar for most email platforms. However, the specific steps to create and map custom fields may vary. Refer to your platform’s documentation for detailed instructions.

Q: How do I verify that the tracking is working correctly?

A: Perform a test submission of your form and check if the atclid value, along with the subscriber ID, appears in your email platform. Additionally, monitor the links in your email campaigns to ensure they include the atclid parameter for accurate tracking.