Facebook Ads Troubleshooting

Changes in Facebook ads might cause warnings sometimes. In this article, we will review common facebook pixel warnings and what the solution is for them.

Facebook Pixels might send you warning notifications. Sometimes these warnings are "false positive". However, it many cases, the warnings should be handled with care as they can indicate a faulty setup.


Before you start troubleshooting:

  • Adjust the dates of your Event Manager to reflect the date since you started using Anytrack.
  • Check that you are troubleshooting the correct Facebook Pixel.
  • Check that your AnyTrack Facebook integration is properly set:
    • Facebook Pixel ID.
    • Ad Account Connection.
    • Conversion API is on.
    • UTM tracking template is set on all your ads.
  • Event manager delay: About 10-20 Minutes
  • Ads Manager attribution delay: Officially it's up to 72 hours but should normally show within hours.



AnyTrack sends exclusively Server Side Events to Facebook, so if you see both Browser and Server events for the same event (ex: Purchase), it means that another data source is sending events to Facebook and you should disable it.


Good to know:

In most cases, the warnings are caused by a mix of data sources sending data to your Facebook Pixel. AnyTrack follows strict integration and event mapping guidelines which guarantees the most accurate tracking, and a high match rate.

Since we cannot control what other systems might send to Facebook, if an other system sends malformed data, or missing data, the overall match rate will be negatively affected.

πŸ“‹ Deduplication parameter

Ignore: Since AnyTrack is sending only Server Side Events no duplication should occur within your account.

  • PageView event missing deduplication parameter: You can ignore this warning.
  • Make sure identical events share a matching deduplication key.
  • Event missing deduplication parameters.


Reminder: Since AnyTrack sends only server side events, there is no need to pass the deduplication Key to Facebook.

  • Values Previously set

    • You can ignore this warning. It is displayed when you update your UTM Tracking Template.
  • PageView event missing deduplication parameter


The PageView event is fired by the Facebook Base Tracking Pixel. It is not send via the Conversion API and therefore does not need any deduplication key.

  • Make sure identical events share a matching deduplication key


    Disconnect other plugins and integrations that trigger the facebook pixel or Conversion API


4. The Event missing some deduplication parameters

missing some deudplicaiton

In case you keep firing an event for both client-side and server-side, you will get duplicate conversions.

There are two solutions:

  1. Delete the client-side tracking and based on server-side.
  2. Make sure that you have the parameters that help facebook do the matching.

In order to let Facebook do the match, the events from both sides should have:

  1. the same name
  2. the same value
  3. eventID parameter.

We send events from the server side with the eventID. Therefore you will need to add it to your client-side tracking code.

Go to your tracking event code and add this parameter:

{eventID: 'EVENT_ID'}

You can review this example of how it should look after adding the event ID parameter:

fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
  value: 12,
  currency: 'USD'
  eventID: 'EVENT_ID'

After doing that, Facebook will know to match between a client-side event and a server-side event, and you will have no duplications and no pixel warning.