Use the Funnelish integration to know exactly which campaigns are converting and inform the ad algorithms on how your visitors advance through the funnel.

Funnelish is a great option to deploy funnel solutions, and if you have ads driving traffic to your funnel, you really want to know which campaigns are converting based on actual sales. You also want to update the algorithms on how your visitors move through the funnel to improve ad targeting. AnyTrack makes this happen with its Funnelish integration.


Take Funnelish to the Next Level!

Use this integration to automatically send funnel activity and first-party data to the Conversion APIs. A simple and reliable way to improve ad targeting and enrich audience data.


When you install the Funnelish integration, Funnelish uses a server-to-server connection to notify AnyTrack when visitors in the funnel trigger events such as: On Purchase, Purchase attempt, On optin, Recurring payment, Recurrent payment fails, On refund, New Subscription, or Subscription canceled.

AnyTrack automatically forwards this data to the connected ad networks and analytics using the Conversion API, free of the limitations of browser-side tracking and iOS 14.5 restrictions.

AnyTrack also forwards the Id of the Ad that generated the funnel events, as well as PageViews and OutboundClicks, turbocharging the targeting algorithms for optimized ROAS🚀.

Finally, the Campaign Report will show which campaigns are driving conversions and at what cost, so you can pause underperforming campaigns directly from your AnyTrack dashboard.

The Funnelish integration with AnyTrack captures events from the funnels and sends them to the Conversion APIs of your ad networks.


To install this integration you only need an AnyTrack and a Funnelish account. You can complete the setup in less than 20 minutes and no advanced skills are necessary.

Setup Guide

To install the Funnelish integration simply complete this step-by-step guide.

Validate Your Setup

After completing the setup, follow this guide to test and verify the integration.

Forward Data to Ad Networks and Analytics

Now that you are tracking what happens on your funnel, you want the ad networks and analytics to be updated with this information in real-time.

Step 1. Connect AnyTrack to the Pixels

In this first step, plug AnyTrack to your pixels to establish a server-side connection.


Prevent Duplicates

Once AnyTrack is connected to your pixels using S2S, you must remove pixels and other tracking systems installed directy on your website to prevent duplicates.

Step 2. Map Funnelish Events to Ad Events

In this second step, you match the events from Funnelish with the conversion events expected on your ad networks and analytics.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

  • AnyTrack Tag not found or Event Log errors: Missing click id or Can't find match for IP
    The most likely cause for this error is that the AnyTrack Tag is not installed, or is installed with the incorrect settings. Make sure that your settings for the AnyTrack Tag in Funnelish look like this. Also, install the AnyTrack Pixel Helper to ensure that the AnyTrack Tag is installed on your funnel URL.
  • Can I track more than one funnel?
    Yes you can! Just make sure to add the AnyTrack Tag in those funnels too. Follow Steps 6 to 16 of the Setup Guide and then run the Validation Guide for the new funnel.
  • Can I track more than one Funnelish account with the same integration?
    Yes, you can track funnels from different Funnelish accounts using the same AnyTrack integration. Make sure to run the Validation Guide to ensure all funnels are tracked as expected.
  • I'm only testing AnyTrack and don't want to remove my pixel integrations.
    We recommend disabling the Global Facebook Pixel App integration as it will interfere with your funnel pixel even if you don't have a Facebook pixel set in your funnel. If you are testing AnyTrack and want to keep using Facebook with other funnels, you should disable the global settings, and add specific pixels to your funnels.


Technical support available!

For Funnelish integration errors not found in this section, please contact technical support, mentioning the current result and the expected outcome. We'll be back to you in no time!

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