Get more from your Elementor forms with AnyTrack.io integration. Streamline conversion tracking and attribution for improved ROAS.

In this guide, you will learn how to connect your Elementor powered wordpress website with AnyTrack and track form submissions, leads, and multi-step forms.


Wordpress Plugin

If you've added the Anytrack affiliate plugin or woocommerce plugin you can jump to the Step by step guide.

About Elementor:

Elementor is the leading website building platform for WordPress, enabling web creators to build professional, pixel-perfect websites with an intuitive interface.

Elementor's form widget is extremely powerful as it allows marketers to set custom webhooks and integrations and add over 20 different types of fields - including hidden fields.



  1. Elementor Pro (The Webhook feature is only available in Elementor Pro).
  2. The AnyTrack Tag is set in the head section of your website.


Add AnyTrack Tag to your website

  1. From the Elementor Menu, open the Custom Code settings.
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Paste the AnyTrack Tracking Tag in the code section
  4. Make sure the Head option is selected
  5. Click on Publish
  6. Select Entire Site and Save


Good to know:

From now on, all pages and sections of your website will be tracked.

Step by step guide

Step #1: Add the Integration

  1. Open the Integration Catalog and search for Elementor
  2. Click on the Elementor card and then on the Install button.
  3. Biw copy the webhook URL.
  4. Go to your wordpress dashboard and Edit the form you want to track.
  5. Open the Actions After Submit Settings
    1. Select the Webhook option
    2. Open the Webhook settings
    3. Paste the Webhook URL
    4. Enable the Advanced Dataoption
    5. Save and publish your form

Step #2: Configure your Elementor Form fields

  1. Add a field
  2. Select: Hidden
  3. Label: click_id
  1. Update the fields to follow the supported Event Attributes such as email, phone, firstName etc...



All parameters are case-sensitive, so please follow the instructions meticulously.

Step #4: Form Redirect (optional)

  1. Add a form action Redirect
  2. Add the URL
  3. Update the URL with the parameters you want to forward to the redirect
https://trafficker.io/elementor-thank-you-redirect/?clickid=[field id="field_6dc4d6d"]
updated url with shortcode


Now let's test the form to verify that the data passes as expected.


FAQ and Troubleshooting

  • I don't see the webhook option in my form. What should I do?
    • The webhook option is only available with an the Elementor Pro license
  • I use a different form provider in Elementor, what should I do?