Tag Management

Learn how to use AnyTrack to load third party tracking tags on your website.

AnyTrack serves as a tag management platform for all integrated ad pixels connected in your AnyTrack account.

If you want to fire a tracking pixel that is not integrated in AnyTrack - for example Reddit - you can use the bind event snippet.

Events such as outbound clicks or form submissions, you can do so by using the bind command.

The bind command will allow you to run a JavaScript function every time AnyTrack captures a client-side event.


Good to know:

Client-Side events such as OutboundClick, FormSubmit, and AddToCart are automatically tracked (AutoTrack) by the AnyTrack tracking tag.

How does the Bind function work:

  1. Every time AnyTrack captures a client-side event such as AddToCart,

  2. The Bind function fires the JavaScript snippet included in the function.

  3. The event name you want to catch (ie. OutboundClick, FormSubmit, etc..)

  4. A callback function will be called every time this event occurs.

This example is the Reddit Event Tracking Tag:



  1. The AnyTrack Tracking Tag must be in the head section of your website.
  2. The Reddit Base Pixel must be in the head section of your website.
AnyTrack('bind', 'OutboundClick',
  function(e) {
    rdt('track', 'ViewContent', {
      value: e.eventValue,
      currency: e.currency,
      transactionId: e.clickId

Access Event Data

Each event standard properties emitted and tracked by anytrack is available and can be called.

For example, if you want to inject the eventValue in the event tracking tag, use the function e.eventValue.

Get the list of parameters here.

Assuming you got the following image that you want to call every time someone triggers an OutboundClick event.

<img src="https://www.trackingpixel.foo/pixeltrack.pl?c=CLICK_ID" width="1" height="1 />

You can use the following code to trigger this pixel every time there is an OutboundClick event on your website:

AnyTrack('bind', 'OutboundClick',
  function(e) {
      'https://www.3rdparty.foo/pixeltrack.pl?c=' +

You can also use the Postback command in case you need to fire the pixel via Server Side API

  'https://t1.thirdparty.foo/xxxxx/collect?click_id={click_id}', {
    brand_name: e.brand_name,
    commission: e.eventValue,
    transactionId: e.transactionId