What is AnyTrack?

AnyTrack is a real time conversion data platform that closes the conversion loop between your advertising platforms, marketing tools, and conversion sources.

The AnyTrack platform brings a new approach to conversion tracking with a unique set of interconnected features that enable marketers to simplify, unify, and standardize their data collection across their marketing stack.

The AnyTrack Key Components and Features:

The Property (your website)

The Property is the website you promote on Facebook, Google Ads, or through search engine optimization. It can be a shop running on Shopify, an affiliate website running on WordPress, or a funnel running on ClickFunnels.

! function(e, t, n, s, a) {
  (a = t.createElement(n)).async = !0,
    a.src = "https://assets.anytrack.io/tracking_id.js",
    (t = t.getElementsByTagName(n)[0]).parentNode.insertBefore(a, t),
    e[s] = e[s] || function() {
      (e[s].q = e[s].q || []).push(arguments)
}(window, document, "script", "AnyTrack");
  • The property is where you add the AnyTrack Tag which is responsible to collect and orchestrates all data points and events generated on your website.
  • You can send traffic to your website from 100's of sources, and 10000 campaigns. A single Tracking Tag will be able to orchestrate the data across all connected ad platforms and conversion sources.

Conversion Sources

Conversion sources are the platforms, tools, payment gateways, affiliate networks, or any other sources where conversions are triggered. Conversion sources are responsible for sending conversions to AnyTrack.

  • You can connect 100 conversion sources to your property.
  • AnyTrack will be able to track all conversions according to every data points leading to these conversions.

Advertising Platforms

Facebook, Google Ads, and others where you run your ad campaigns and where you need to send your conversion data in order to optimize your ads, get accurate ROAS. reporting, or build custom audiences.

  • Ads integrations are connected to your property, and anytrack will be able to collect, and attribute conversions to each ad campaigns.
  • Anytrack sends conversion data via both client side and server side tracking to ad platforms.

The Less is More approach = AutoMagically

Customers often ask our support to check their accounts:

"I've completed the setup, but I feel that I've missed something. Can you please check my account to verify I did everything by the book? it was too simple and quick, so I must have forgotten something."

AnyTrack integration's first approach is to enable a seamless connection with any marketing stack, validate data connection in real-time, and provide granular data visualization.

Once the three main components are connected, the magic happens and can be seen in real-time on the AnyTrack platform.

The Conversion Data

The conversion data is the processed result of data collected on your website, the conversions received from your conversion sources, and the traffic data and signals from your advertising platforms.

These three datasets are processed in real-time so you can easily get answers to the most data-driven questions or act across your marketing channels with a single source of truth.

It's what allows you to answer questions such as:

  • What ad or ad set triggered the best conversion rate?
  • What is my campaign ROAS, LTV, and slice this per country or demographics?
  • What are my best or worst demographics?

And it's also what will allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Increase budgets for winning ads.
  • Create custom audiences (and lookalike audiences) based on specific events your customers took on and off your website.
  • Include or exclude specific audiences from ad campaigns or ad sets.
  • Retarget specific audience segments across ad platforms.

What is a marketing (tech) stack by Hubspot

A marketing tech stack is the list of tools that marketers use to execute elements of their marketing campaigns, from lead generation to email marketing, from social media management to search engine optimization.

AnyTrack's Top Features:

  • Conversion Tracking: Affiliate Network, CRM, API - Client & Server-Side Tracking (JS Pixel Tracking & Postback URL tracking).
  • Integration Catalog: Native integrations with +100 Ad platforms, eCommerce, Affiliate Networks & apps.
  • Advertising Conversion API: Native Conversion API integrations with Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Bing, Taboola, Outbrain.
  • Google Analytics API: Native integration with Google Analytics so you can stream your conversion data back to GA and leverage the most powerful and granular audience datasets.
  • AutoTrack: NOCODE implementation of standard website event tracking (optin, clicks, addToCart.).
  • AutoTag: Event Data Orchestration leveraging AutoTrack data and firing your pixels tracking event snippets with required contextual event.
  • Audience building: Automatically send conversion event data to analytics and pixels for audience building.
  • Conversion Event Mapping - Standardize conversion events types (i.e. AddToCart , purchase, lead) between conversion sources (ecommerce, affiliate networks, CRM) and Analytics and pixels.
  • Webhooks (incoming) - Also called postback or server to server tracking, connect any conversion source to AnyTrack so you can receive conversion data directly from any data source - eCommerce, Affiliate Networks, APIs, CRMs, or apps.
  • Webhooks (outgoing): Send real-time conversion data to any app, reporting system, or database.
  • Campaign Reports: Get real-time campaign reports with an unlimited attribution window.
  • Customer Journey: Visualize your customer journey and events leading to a desired goal.