Should I disconnect the existing Facebook pixel data sharing after connecting AnyTrack?

After connecting AnyTrack with Shopify and Facebook pixel, it will generate Purchases and other conversion events on your store. By turning on Facebook Conversion API, AnyTrack will start to send data to the connected pixel back to Facebook.

To prevent event duplications, you will need to disable your current Shopify ad network integrations.

Alternative options:

  • Set up AnyTrack on separate pixel ids - In this way, AnyTrack will send the data to one pixel, and the existing Facebook-Shopify connection will send the data to another pixel.

  • Map the events from AnyTrack to different events in Facebook pixel Event Mapping section from your AnyTrack account.

    • In this example AnyTrack will send to Facebook pixel the purchases by "purchase AnyTrack" event, while in the Facebook-Shopify connection, the purchases are related to a different event, for example, "purchase". In this case, the conversions from AnyTrack will be listed for one event, and the conversions from the Facebook-Shopify connection will be listed for another event.

mapping disconnected

I disconnected Facebook tracking, and I still see duplications in the event manager.

If you have no Facebook tracking and you still see duplication, check if the "Track events automatically without code" feature is turned on in Facebook.

  1. Go to event manager on the Facebook platform

  2. Click on the relevant pixel

  3. Go to settings

  4. scroll down and make sure that the next option is off:

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 18.19.50