How do I label links in order to improve the analytics

If you are doing affiliate marketing and driving traffic to other websites, or you have multiple checkout page buttons and want to know what works best, labeling the links can be a good solution for you.


Good to know:

Labeling your links will allow you to export all the events and decide which elements work better or which affiliate button is more clicked than the other.

How to label your links?

1. First, find your button link in the HTML, for example:

<a href="">Click Here</a>
  1. You can add two different attributes:
    Id - You can call it "button 1" or the name of the client that you drive traffic to.

Data-label - Usually, the visual text on the button. You can also change it as you wish.

You have to add this attribute with your chosen value and add it after the URL part in the HTML:
id=here you label
data-label="here you label"

For example:

<a href="" id="UseCoupon" data-label="Gringo Checkout">Click   

Now the events from this button will be generated with those details:
Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 17.30.21

In addition, when you will export the conversions in the conversion events section, you will be able to see the labels as well:
Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 17.33.42